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Animation Studies 2019.

We are so happy and proud to finally have an Animation Studies chapter at SWPACA; and so thankful to our first group of presenters, the "godparents" if I may, for this new chapter that, we hope, will become a continous and expanding group at SWPACA.

The topics explored interesting approaches to some Disney movies, theme parks, and video games; the importance of facial representations and reactions; the cultural references in animated series; the cross reference between the arts and animation; animation as installation art; and the use of animation for the use of education and encouragement.

As we hoped, the Animation Studies chapter brought together a diverse group of animation lovers and enthusiasts who shared their observations and research with us. We can only imagine what the future will bring to this group. The organizers appreciate the quality and professionalism exhibited by all our presenters.

This is just the beginning!

Frozen: Disney Animation in the Age of Disney Conglomerate

Peng-Yi Tai, National Central University (NCU)

Peng-Yi during presentation

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The Pied Piper of Paris: Cross-Species Agency in Pixar’s Ratatouille

Keene Short, Independet Scholar

Keene Short Presenting

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Have Fun, But Make Sure that You Still Look Pretty: Animating Video Game Adaptations of the Disney Princesses.

Megan Condis, Texas Tech University

Megan Condis Presenting

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Alchemy of the Face: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Facial Emotion.

Brendan Decicio, Pima Community College

Brendan Decicio Presenting

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Animation and Surrealism in 1930s America: “Porky in Wackyland.”

Jorgelina Orfila, Texas Tech University

Jorgelina Orfila Presenting

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Adventure Time: A Tonic to Victor Frankenstein’s Familial Cowardice.

Eric Howerton, Oklahoma State University

Eric Howerton Presenting

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The Animated Hosts that Inhabit Disney Parks

Bobby Schweizer, Texas Tech University

Bobby Schweizer Presenting

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Animation Practice: Insights into the Creation of Ephemeral Animated Installation.

Christine Veras, UT Dallas

Christine Veras Presenting

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Monster Docs.

Sean McComber,
UT Dallas

Sean McComber Presenting

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The 2019 Gang!

Bobby, Sean, Christine, and Jorgelina Christine, Bobby, and Sean

Megan, Peng-Yi, Keene and Bobby Jorgelina, Eric, Brendan, Scott, and Francisco

Megan, Keene, and Peng-Yi Jorgelina, Eric and Brandon