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Animation Research Gang (ARG!) at SWPACA.

Forum and network for people enthralled by all aspects of animation.

Created in 2019, ARG convenes at the SWPACA (South West Popular American/Popular Culture Association) conference.

ARG considers proposals that discuss a wide range of topics related to animation practice and theory and brings together animation scholars and practitioners, fans, and specialists from a diversity of disciplines whose research intersects with animation.

ARG is also a network of animatophiles, people passionate for, and highly knowledgeable in, animation. Through its activities, ARG aims at establishing new links between the field of animation studies, academia, and the public in general.

ARG is specially committed to supporting the development of new and young academic professionals in the field by offering a welcoming and nurturing environment for those establishing their first credentials in academia.

Possible topics for proposals include, but are not restricted to:

  • Popular, commercial and experimental animation
  • Optical toys, mechanical contraptions,
  • Animated adaptations,
  • Documentary animation, non-fictional animation,
  • Voice and sound in animation,
  • Animation and therapy,
  • Advertising,
  • Animated television series, online animation,
  • Animation education and Educational animation,
  • Didactic approaches to the teaching of animation,
  • Animation and science,
  • Animation in video games,
  • Animation history,
  • Animation and architecture,
  • Animation theory,
  • CGI and animated special effects,
  • Anime,
  • Animation and globalization...

We look forward to receiving your submissions.
ARG to you all!