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Since 2014, Drs. Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila have been collaborating in a series of projects that explore the intersections between animation and modern and contemporary art, and animation as a tool to promote wellbeing.

Image of Drs. Ortega and Orfila
Drs. Ortega and Orfila from Texas Tech University

ARG! is the network component of our endeavor to promote the study of animation as a valid and valuable discipline of research. As scholars at Texas Tech University's School of Art we, Dr. Francisco Ortega (graphic design and animation) and Dr. Jorgelina Orfila (art history), promote the interdisciplinary power of animation and the ongoing evolution as a pervasive media in culture and its multiple applications.

We have been very lucky to establish connections (and friendships) all over the world thanks to our passion for animation and find equaly minded people.

In 2019 we coordinated and hosted APES (Animation and Public Engagement Symposium), at Texas Tech. We hosted 38 scholars from 11 countries in 3 fantastic days of conversatons about animation and social impact. To learn more, go to:

In 2021, we are coordinating animaScapes, a symposium that will run in parallel with CINANIMA, Portugal's annual film competitions and screenings. To learn more or submit proposals, go to

If you would like to contact us about our research, possible collaborations, or questions about ARG!, send us a line to our Texas Tech emails: