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ARG 2020.

In this second installment of the Animation Research Gang (ARG) at the SWPACA 2020 conference, our 13 presenters offered a diversity of approaches to the study of animation. We had graduate students, practitioners and scholars from diverse disciplines such as English literature, Musicology, Dramatic arts, Art history, and Digital media. At the time, the pandemic that today affects the Western hemisphere was mostly concentrated in Asia and our colleagues from that pars of the globe had to present their papers via skype®. Moreover, another of our participants suffered from a bad case of laryngitis and had to resort to a digital narrator to present his work.

This year we also unveiled our official logo: the pirate squid, arrrg! We are proud of our brand-new image which we hope will become the emblem of this animation studies research family. To commemorate this, we had some pins made for all our presenters, as a token of membership in our gang.

ARG! lapel pin

As a group at the frontiers of the field of animation studies, the friendships and camaraderie, as well as our presentations and publications, aim to feed and buttress the field of animation studies.

ARG to you all!

Animation in Live Events

Scott Meador, University of Central Arkansas

Scott Meador Presenting

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Fantasy Anime and the Trope of Irish Aurality

Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University

Stacey Jocoy Presenting

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Present Absence: Rethinking Virtual Reality as Digital Myths in China *

Chunning (Maggie) Guo,
Renmin University of China

Chunning (Maggie) Guo Presenting

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BoJack Horseman, Depression, Mental Illness, and the Animation and Storytelling Tools Used for an Honest Depiction

Alexis Kopkowski, Pima Community College

Alexis Kopkowski Presenting

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A Thousand Gems: On the Crystaline Assemblages of Steven Universe

Aaron Borok, Independent Scholar

Aaron Borok Presenting

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The Traced Performance: Rotoscope in The Case of Hana and Alice

Jingyi Zhang, University of Georgia

Jingyi Zhangr Presenting

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"Weren’t You Someone’s Son?": Americana and Death in Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall

Jodi Meyer, Texas Woman's University

Jodi Meyer Presenting

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Observations of the therapeutic practice of animation creation in improving communication, cognition, motivation, and social interactions in teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Melissa Kimball, Texas Tech University

Melissa Kimball Presenting

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The arts as the educator: exploring the opportunities of an animation based learning programme for children and young people with FASD

Jessica Rutherford,
Loughborough University

Jessica Rutherford Presenting

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Animating Ghosts: Guiding clay animation production with a child with autism

Jose Santos Ardivilla,
Texas Tech University

Jose Santos Ardivilla Presenting

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A Merged-Media Collage of Admiration: A Case Study of Loving Vincent *

Yi Zhao, Sichuan University

Yi Zhao Presenting

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Digital Petroglyphs

Scott Conard, New Mexico State University

Andy Buchanan, Purdue University

Andy Buchanan & Scott Conard Presenting

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The 2020 Gang!

Jocoy and Meador Zhang, Aaron, and Alexis

Ortega, Meyer, and Orfila Ardivilla, Kimball, and Rutherford

Buchanan and Conard Guo and Zhao through Skype