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ARG 2021.

The COVID Pandemic frustrated our annual pilgrimage to Albuquerque New Mexico. Still, the virtual format allowed people from all over the world to join the third Animation Research Gang (ARG!) meeting. The Gang is expanding! Nothing can replace sharing a space with likeminded friends, but the online alternative was a close second. We had 20 presenters— practitioners, social advocates, pop culture critics, game enthusiasts, analyst of industry trends, and animation scholars—who addressed a plethora of topics related to our passion topic, animation, from different angles.

Presenters ARG 2021

It was great to see familiar faces and to introduce them to the many newcomers who shared with us their experiences and research on animation. We thank each one of them for their hard work and brilliant presentations.

Because not all of our participants were able to enjoy everyone's presentations due to the format of the conference, this year we were able to acquire more space for our video load and wanted to show the presentations in full lenght. Hopefully we can keep this going for future installments of ARG!

We hope that we can meet you all in person in the near future, perhaps at some other animation festival or conference, and remember that we will be in Albuquerque in February 2022.

The only thing that is left to say for now is ARG to you all! and to all a good ARG!

MIND GAME: Masaaki Yuasa's Absurdist Tour de Force.

Jacob Reeder,
University of Texas, Dallas.

Jacob Reeder Presenting

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Death and Rebirth: A Study of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Nature of Apocalypse.

Aaron Borok,
Independent Scholar

Aaron Borok Presenting

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Globalized Soundscapes for Girls' Journeys of Empowerment: A Musical Comparison of Kiki's Delivery Service and Spirited Away.

Cheng-yun Wang,

Texas Tech University

Cheng-yun Wang Presenting

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The Otherized Nonhuman and Abstractized Phenomenon in Anime: An Exploration of Phenomenological Tropes in Kiseijû: Sei no Kakuritsu and Another.

Soham Adhikari,
Presidency University

Soham Adhikari Presenting

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Ways of Decoloniality by The Painted Lady. Avatar: The Last Airbender's Katara...

Jose Santos Ardivilla,
Texas Tech University

Jose Santos Ardivilla

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Asian Representation in Western Animation: Modeling Stylized Anatomical Features.

Kalli Lum,
Independent Scholar

Kalli Lum Presenting

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Jack Stauber's OPAL: A Critique on the Effects of Commercialism Through the Pursuit of the American Dream.

Bryce Nottingham,
University of Texas at Dallas

Bryce Nottingham Presenting

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Taking the Hesitation out of Drawing: Drawing without Thinking.

Burak Sahin,
Independent Scholar

Burak Sahin Presenting

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Animating Across Social Distances.

Christine Veras,
University of Texas at Dallas

Christine Veras Presenting

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The Practice of Animation for an Empathetic Seeking and Sensing of the Other-than-Human World.

Pamela Turner,
Virginia Commonwealth University

Pamela Turner Presenting

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Rurouni Kenshin: Anime-Driven Nostalgia in Gaming Soundscapes.

Stacey Jocoy,
Texas Tech University

Stacey Jocoy Presenting

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Summer Days: An Animated Panorama.

Hannah Hadidi,
Independent Scholar

Hannah Hadidi Presenting

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A Voice for The Silent: Neurodiversity and The Future of Inclusion in Commercial Animation.

Scott Huddleston,
Independent Scholar

Scott Huddleston Presenting

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Developing Consciousness: The Animator as a Shaman and Mindfulness in Animation.

Inma Carpe,
The Animation Learning Lab, Denmark

Inma Carpe Presenting

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Not Time to be 'Horsin' Around': The Commodification of Time in BoJack Horseman.

Camille Le Pioufle,
University of New Mexico

Camille Le Pioufle Presenting

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Realist Narrative within CG Films/ Animations Featuring African Americans.

Courtney Dabney,
Savannah College of Art and Design

Courtney Dabney Presenting

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Empathizing with the Animated Body.

Jingyi Zhang,
University of Georgia

Jingyi Zhang Presenting

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The Animation Process and Independent Animation.

Marc Russo,
North Carolina State University

Marc Russo Presenting

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Stop-motion Animation's Limited Presence in Video Games and its Possibilities.

Toby Jungius,
University of Surrey

Toby Jungius Presenting

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Developing a Digital Media Curriculum for Fine Artists.

Scott Meador,
University of Central Arkansas

Scott Meador Presenting

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